Host a Watch Party!

Use our conferences as motivational gatherings, recruiting tools, and team trainings!

Here's how:

Whether you have 2 people or more than ten, hosting a Watch Party at your church will:

  • Build excitement 
  • Increase motivation
  • Get everyone headed in the same direction
  • Share vision for the future
  • Recruit new volunteers
  • Kick-off a new season of team building & development

We are all about small church solutions and sustained support for small church ministry!

  • As a leader, you may be doing everything right, but for some reason everyone isn’t following. 
  • Or maybe you’re not really sure what to do next. Or how to stand in the gap when there is no leader.

 An outside voice can be a great way to start something new, and using our conference as your own mini-summit might be just what you need!

Our conferences are led by small church experts. They are experienced in small churches and committed to small church ministry!

Let us partner with you to get your team excited and share the vision. Whether you want to kick-start a new ministry or take your current one to a new level, our conferences are for you!

(And if the live conference isn’t on a great day for your team to all make it, of course we’ll be sad that they miss out on the live fun, but all is not lost! Just purchase the VIP Bonus Bundle and host a Watch Party with the replays on another day of your choice!)

Check out our 8 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Watch Party, plus Quick Links to Frequently Asked Questions below.

8 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Watch Party

  1. Have each person register for their own free ticket! (This increases excitement, ownership, and attendance at your event.)
  2. Send reminders. Just because they say they’re coming, doesn’t mean they will remember!
  3. Check your tech ahead of time. Don’t wait until conference day to check your internet connection, monitor display, and sound. Activate your own ticket at Hopin and test your set-up a few days ahead of time so you have time to troubleshoot, if needed.
  4. Provide food and refreshments, and make a plan for meals that take place during the conference. (Keep it simple: bring your own or provide simple sandwiches.)
  5. Set up and arrive early. Create a welcoming environment, just as if you were hosting a dinner party! Greet people as they enter, serve them coffee and treats, and get ready for fun.
  6. Have a few extra computers or laptops ready if attendees don’t bring their own. For the majority of the time, you’ll probably be watching all together on one screen. However, attendees love the option to pick alternative breakout sessions now and then, or to participate individually in the chats, networking, and meetups.
  7. Purchase an upgrade – either the Extended Access Pass or the VIP Bonus Bundle. The upgrade gives you lifetime replays of presentations so you can go back and view anything you miss. In addition, if you grab an upgrade you have access to purchase additional conference workbooks which your peeps will love! This is a great resource to use in the future and will add lots of value to your time together!
  8. Schedule future monthly trainings & parties to continue your commitment to developing your team. The upgrade makes it even easier with a full year of meeting agendas based on key conference replays!

1) Is the conference really free?

YES! The live conference is absolutely free to attend.

We believe in small churches, and we understand budget restraints and financial stress. We hope to offer many more FREE conferences to all people in small churches worldwide as our ministry continues.

2) Does each group member need their own free conference ticket?

YES! Each person should grab their own free ticket once registration opens at www.smallchurchsummits.com

This gives them access to conference website links plus other valuable information about the conference. This will help them get more excited for your Watch Party, and you’ll have lots less questions to answer!

Getting personal links to the conference schedule, topic descriptions, and speaker bios (and more!) increases their connection to the event and excitement for ministry.

3) Since we'll be viewing together, does each person need to activate their ticket in Hopin?

Yes! (“Wait! What’s Hopin?” you ask.  Hopin is where the event happens. If you don’t know what Hopin is, visit the How It All Works page!)

Even though you may be watching much of the conference together on one screen, our conferences offer lots more than just watching presentations!  

Here’s why each person needs to activate their ticket:

  1. Our breakout sessions offer multiple presentations to choose from. If someone wants to view a different session than the majority of the group, it’s great to log onto another screen for viewing. 
  2. With your own login, leave comments and ask questions in the chat boxes. This increases everyone’s experience.
  3. Throughout the conference, there are additional opportunities for individual interaction – like discussion panels, chat boxes, networking & meetups. These are highlights for many of our attendees – you don’t want them to miss this!
  4. Many people login to the Pre-Conference Kickoff from home, or end up viewing part of the conference apart from the group. 
So even though you plan to watch together, there are TONS of benefits to having everyone activate their own personal ticket. 

4) Oh no! I’m tech-challenged and I’m confused already!

Haha! Me too! Don’t give up! It’s totally worth the learning curve. 

Those who’ve been in your shoes will tell you, once you get into Hopin it all gets easy and fun. It’s just like doing anything for the first time – once you learn the system, you’re good to go! And the next event will be a breeze!

PLUS, our conferences are run by a bunch of people who felt just like you not too long ago, and it is our pleasure and privilege to help you! 

Reach out and ask questions, because we are here for you! Email support@thecreativelittlechurch.com with questions.

5) Why purchase the VIP Bonus Bundle?

The VIP Bonus Bundle includes lifetime access to the replays of all the presentations, conference workbook, “Ask Me Anything” Q & A, ministry toolkit specific to the conference, private workshop, PLUS a few thousand dollars of products like workshops, digital courses, ebooks, Bible studies, coaching calls, and more. 

The Extended Access Pass includes the replays, conference workbook, and the Ask Me Anything Q & A.

The replays and bonuses can be used for future trainings, leadership growth, fresh ideas, and refreshers! They are really fabulous!

Individuals in a group often purchase their own VIP Bonus Bundle. The resources are really valuable, and at over 90% off, many want their own logins so they can access whenever they want and take advantage of the bonus products for themselves.

If you want to purchase additional workbooks for group members, at least one person in your church needs to purchase the VIP Bonus Bundle or Extended Access Pass. (Workbooks are not sold separately from the upgrades, and we only make additional workbooks available to those viewing as a group.)

6) Tell me about the Conference Workbook!

I’d love to! The Conference Workbook is pure gold! Typically over 100 pages, the Conference Workbook is a ministry tool for future impact!

This isn’t like other conferences where most people learn a lot but apply very little. We don’t want you coming back next time with the same frustrations and challenges. The Conference Workbook helps you apply what you learn and share it with your team! 

In fact, the VIP Bonus Bundle includes 12 monthly team training agendas utilizing the conference replays that accompany the Conference Workbook! Our attendees LOVE this bonus!

The Conference Workbook includes:

  • Customized worksheets for each presentation for following along, taking notes, and writing action plans.
  • A set of devotions, exclusively written for the conference with topics that apply directly to you and your team members.
  • Artistic elements, like printable scripture art and/or coloring images to awaken your creativity.
  • A printable conference schedule and topic descriptions to make it easier to plan your day.
  • Bios of conference speakers and workbook contributors so you can get to know everyone involved.
  • Additional information, inspiration, and follow-up resources specific to the conference.

7) Can I copy the workbook for my whole team?

No, not without permission and purchasing additional workbooks. Because the workbook contains the intellectual property of dozens of speakers, authors, designers, and artists, your ownership allows for personal use only.

However, at the request of many churches, we are now making additional workbook copies available for purchase if you are hosting a group viewing or watch party.

Our hope is that you will continue to use the replays and the workbooks for future training and team-building. This maximizes your benefit!

To purchase additional copies: email your request to Laurie@thecreativelittlechurch.com and we’ll send you the link to purchase.

8) How much do additional copies of the Conference Workbook cost?

Currently, we are offering additional workbook downloads for $19 each, and only for groups watching together.  

We suggest having team members purchase their own workbooks if your ministry budget can’t.

9) How do we purchase additional workbooks for our group?

To purchase additional workbooks:

Email your request to Laurie@thecreativelittlechurch.com and we’ll send you the link.

10) If you want to help small churches, why charge for any of the resources?

We are absolutely dedicated to serving small churches! 

Just because a conference is FREE to attend doesn’t mean there is no cost in producing it. A conference like ours demands 3+ months of work by a team of people just to get it ready to go. We run an ongoing ministry to small churches with a website of free resources, a free facebook community for women in small churches, and lots more “free.”

The paid upgrades allow us to cover our costs and grow our ministry, while at the same time giving incredible value to those who purchase. The upgrades are offered at incredible discounts, thanks to the generosity of our speakers and contributors, typically well over 90% Off their valued price.

If you simply cannot afford to purchase upgrades or additional workbooks for your team at this time, take advantage of all the other “FREE” stuff! 

  • The live conference is amazing on its own!
  • Our free facebook community for women in small churches is one of the most positive places on the internet!
  • And we have a growing library of small church solutions at www.thecreativelittlechurch.com.

11) I purchased my own upgrade with the workbook, but we can’t afford them for the whole team. Can I share with them?

We want you to equip your team! 

You are welcome to view the conference replays with your team and even use them for future team trainings. (Sharing your access code with others is a breach of your user agreement, but viewing together is permitted.) 

Utilize your personal workbook for leading discussions, sharing devotions, and more. You just can’t copy it.

12) How should I use the Conference Workbook?

We suggest printing the workbook in black and white (it’s cheaper!) other than the pretty cover page and any artist pages you may want to display.

Because the book is 100+ pages, we recommend using a 3-hole punch and keeping it safe and ready for use in a binder.

13) Help! I purchased the Conference Workbook with my group, and now I wish I had gotten my own upgrade with the replays & bonuses!

No problem. It happens all the time! Once you see all the goodness in those bonuses, right? Just email support@thecreativelittlechurch.com and we can send you a link to upgrade.

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